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All members have full control over the privacy of their personally identifiable information.
You will be able to update your information and privacy settings at any time.
The three privacy settings are as follows:
Publishable: Any information you mark as Publishable will be viewable to non-members on our websites member database. This is helpful to people curious about TWDC, they can see if there are members in their area and contact them to ask about TWDC.
Sharable: Any information you mark as Sharable will be visible only to members who are logged in to our website. This helps members contact other members in their area or in areas they may be travelling to.
Confidential: Any information you mark as Confidential will only be viewable to the The Western Dragons Clan, Councilors, as needed in the course of their duties. It will not be published on the website, or viewable to any outside parties.

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